Boost your business efficiency with your own
AI Assistant

  • Customise a AI CHATBOT for your business with your own business info.
  • Improve customer engagement & Customer support Capacity.
  • 24/7 Accurate & Intelligent Customer Support as an expert on your business.
  • Products & Service recommendation to your customer on behalf of you.   

…and much More

Our service allows you to go beyond traditional service. Building chatbots for business is the key to process automation, fast and personalized support, and effective interaction with your customers. Our team’s experience and competence will enable you to increase conversion and sales.

AI ASSISTANTS for your business: what they are and why they are needed?

An AI Assistant is a smart chatbot program that uses Artificial Intelligence to chat with people. It can learn from your business information and respond to customers, sounding just like you. It works on platforms like Telegram, WhatsApp, Messenger, and your website. With this chat, your business can talk to a lot of people at once or one-on-one 24/7. It can also help with different tasks, not just talking.
As part of your marketing strategy and a powerful tool for process optimization, chatbots can help you:
  • quickly and efficiently answer customer questions, provide information about products and services, fulfill payment transactions, provide support and follow-up, and more;
  • communicate with your target audience around the clock without using human resources, and thus provide more efficient and personalized service;
  • collect and analyze customer data and automate data processing and integration with your existing systems;
  • build a more effective communication strategy and increase sales;
  • automate customer interaction and provide a more user-friendly services;
  • Book meeting & appointments on your behalf 

What is the secret to the effectiveness of chatbots?

The average chat session open rate can be between 60% and 90%.

AI Assistant allows you to create customized solutions for your business. They are widely adaptable to business needs and integrate with websites & communication Channels like WhatsApp, Telegram, Messenger etc.

AI Assistants continuously learn from customer feedback and your latest business information.

Advanced AI Chatbot is able to use your customers’ individual data to develop personalized content & responses.

Who can benefit from AI Assistants ?

AI Assistants revolutionize businesses, offering efficiency and enhanced customer engagement with intelligent conversion using your company business details as its knowledgebase. Ideal for startups to enterprises, our solutions transform interactions, making them smarter and more satisfying. Experience the power of AI for seamless operations and amplified success.

Customer Service & Automation, Limited to your Imagination—explore limitless possibilities with creativity and innovation.

E-commerce Businesses: Enhance customer shopping experiences, provide product recommendations, and assist with order tracking.

Customer Service Centers: Handle routine queries, offer quick solutions, and escalate complex issues to human agents.

Healthcare Providers: Schedule appointments, answer patient queries, and offer basic health information.

Travel and Hospitality Industry: Assist with booking reservations, provide travel information, and offer personalized recommendations.

Education Institutions: Answer student queries, provide information on courses, and assist with admissions.

Real Estate Agencies: Help users find properties, schedule viewings, and provide information about neighborhoods.

Human Resources Departments: Answer employee queries, assist with onboarding, and provide HR-related information.

Entertainment Industry: Provide information about upcoming shows, assist with ticket purchases, and offer personalized recommendations.

Telecommunication Companies: Assist with billing inquiries, plan changes, and provide technical support.

Marketing Agencies: Offer marketing tips, answer client queries, and provide information about services.

Legal Services Providers: Assist with basic legal information, schedule consultations, and answer common legal questions.

Automotive Industry: Help users explore available models, schedule test drives, and inquire about financing options.

Nonprofit Organizations: Assist with donation processing, share information about initiatives, and answer inquiries.

Beauty and Wellness Businesses: Help clients book appointments, inquire about services, and provide beauty tips.

Technology Companies: Assist with software troubleshooting, provide user guides, and offer technical support.

Retail Stores: Provide information about products, assist with purchases, and offer personalized recommendations.

Event Planning Services: Assist with event details, handle RSVPs, and provide information about venues.

Home Services Providers: Schedule appointments for repairs, offer maintenance tips, and provide service quotes.

Manufacturing Companies: Assist with order tracking, provide product information, and handle routine customer queries.

Interior Design Services: Assist clients with design queries, provide information on materials, and schedule consultations.

Food and Beverage Industry: Allow customers to place orders, check menu items, and provide information about promotions.

Insurance Companies: Assist in generating quotes, filing claims, and answering policy-related questions.

Government Agencies: Provide information about services, answer citizen queries, and facilitate form submissions.

Fitness Centers: Offer workout tips, class schedules, and help users sign up for classes.

Waste Management Services: Schedule waste pickups, provide recycling information, and handle service-related inquiries.

Catering Services: Assist with menu planning, handle event inquiries, and provide catering quotes.

Home Automation Companies: Assist with smart home device troubleshooting, provide setup instructions, and offer technical support.

Mental Health and Wellness Apps: Offer support, provide resources, and assist users with mental health-related queries.

Can't find your business in the above list?

No Worries! We are here to assist in identifying how the AI Chatbot can provide valuable support to your business.

You may need an AI Assistant if: 

  • You own a website with a daily traffic of over 20 contacts, and engage actively with customers through various channels such as WhatsApp, Telegram, Messenger etc.
  • You are currently utilizing messaging platforms and seek to enhance and automate the request processing workflow. Your aim is to streamline processes such as reminding customers about payments or purchase decisions, eliminating challenges related to statements like “I forgot,” “it got lost among others,” and “I will definitely not buy this.
  • You have a complex product or service and need to increase your sales effectiveness through making the visitor understand and channel them through auto sales funnels in messengers.
  • If you’ve been eager to test this tool for a while and are seeking top-notch service on a budget, we’ve got you covered.

What platforms we create chatbots for?


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Cost of AI Chatbot development
and what you will get:

Phase One: Launch of the chatbot. A powerful tool for seamless communication with your customers and capturing LEADS effortlessly.

Duration: from 15 to 30 calendar days.

  • Ready-to-roll-out your website
  • Automated system for collecting subscribers.
  • Implementing the necessary service functions and bot settings with your own business knowledgebase.
  • Launching trigger scripts for the automatic sending of messages to subscribers.
  • Regular updates on the latest in business knowledge, including new products and services etc.

Starting from:



Plus Monthly Charges



Phase Two: Including the fulfillment of the first stage.

Duration: from 30 to 60 calendar days.

  • Development and implementation of a strategy for the use of chatbots on additional communication channels. (WhatsApp, Telegram, Messenger etc) 
  • Regular analytics on chatbot performance, as well as quick or preventive resolution of possible problems and implementation of solutions for channel growth.
  • Regular implementation of new triggers and features that will increase the effectiveness of chatbot monetization.
  • Effective communication with subscribers through regular mass mailing.

Starting from:


Plus Monthly Charges


Phase Three: Including the fulfillment of the first & second stages and In-house System Integration & Office Automation.

Duration: from 60 to 90 calendar days

  • Incorporate the AI Assistant seamlessly into your internal systems to unlock the full potential of your chatbot.
  • Integrate AI automation into your routine business processes to enhance efficiency, save time, cut costs, and free up your staff for more impactful human-centric tasks. 
  • Tailored messaging system crafted around customer personas, creating a personalized touch that conveys our commitment to your satisfaction.
  • Anything related to talking and sharing information that people can do

Starting from:


Plus Monthly Charges


Web Apps, Mobile Apps and Custom Applications

we deliver innovative & FAST TRACK solutions by providing customized web and mobile applications that seamlessly blend creativity and functionality. Our team of skilled developers and designers work collaboratively to bring your unique vision to life, ensuring user-friendly experiences across platforms. Experience Rea;-Time progress review with our unique ‘See and Feel as we develop’ approach and experience interactive development journey from concept to launch.

Websites &
E-Commerce Sites.

Experience the power of digital visibility with our SEO-friendly website and e-commerce solutions. We specialized in creating visually stunning, user-friendly sites optimizing for search engines, ensuring high rankings and increased traffic. Out strategic approach drive conversation, enhances user engagement, and propels your online business to new heights.  

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